Heady in the Habitat!

Avishek Sahu
March 16, 2017

Spun me a line to crease the pant I wore last time
What pant is a pant that won’t let me build a dark rhyme
That I need when the zip gives way to the fly trap
And the mood just don’t seem to snuffle her damn claptrap
With the grunt giving way to the schmooze of a lifetime
I can’t keep it apart for the birds singing two-time
So to make sense of the fuss that crams clinging baby rat
I made a move oh so scary to go heady in the habitat

Moved to the left to heave into the possible
Then shifted to the right when they showed me what’s impossible
With the glitter in the litter looking sick from the commotion
And the nigger oh so bitter going hick with all devotion
Hey nigger it’s the story that I pressed you to learn about
When the catches from the ocean thought you really worth a pout
And you latched on to the train that went around the same city
Thinking it would fly you out with me to a place of pity

Now the mission’s all clear for the group built on vanity
When the questions all over about the state of my sanity
And the pressers for the trip giving way to the riverside
Where I told you it was clear you wouldn’t pull me to the other side
So sit back there nigger where my horses wouldn’t just let you be
In a state so calm they get to know what you really see
About the oceans in the air swinging out again to steal your cat
When I make a move oh so scary to go heady in the habitat


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