Left on No-Man’s Land

Avishek Sahu
November 30, 2017

Beat the gimp up and get the fountain out
Then we could sit on our haunches and have the honey spout
With fancy Crème to be peddled out loud
There isn’t much to miss to be admired and wowed
Hitch market was tough with so much to save
Nothing that had mercy, nothing of value that the cupid gave
But here came the bozo to helped keep the see-saw stable… Read the rest

Shit-Eating Mascots of Money

Avishek Sahu
November 24, 2017

Look who’s been plotting from the beginning of time
Massaging the infant with ounces of lime
Hoping for their prescience to lie about the future
And the dark black days needing no inch of suture
If only it had been theirs to keep
Or sown in their fields to bounce and beep
Or not taken from here to brandish as their own
With a literature too haute in which stalwarts … Read the rest

The Squeeze of an Agent Provocateur

Avishek Sahu
November 20, 2017

The shoes that I bring turns the knob on the people
When the shrink and the dink want to sob with the steeple
For a bipolar disorder that went past the finish line
And a new world order they had waiting in clound nine
If only they had known that the bungalow isn’t the source crime
But the harsh black letters begetting cash through the dirt and grime
Spilt while … Read the rest

Wallow In The Charms Of A Slapdash Succubus

Avishek Sahu
November 17, 2017

Woozy as a bozo about what keeps the ball turning
Crazy and so lazy about that that gets the mojo burning
It’s been oh so long since I chased a damn dame down
But the fruits of those days can only but make you frown
So got back to what’s best after those snuggling up embers
And got deep in the rut built to please the dear members
Singing he’s … Read the rest

A Broad That Has Mastered The Art of The Innuendo

Avishek Sahu
October 25, 2017

Got a whiff of the world when I was barely in my teens
Could hear the clarion calls of the eunuchs and the caged beans
It was a day in the school when the stench was all awry
And the gents in the park had their plans made for the quarry
Mrs Rand had written what was going to be checkmate
To soothe the egos of the dumb fucks and … Read the rest

When I Saw The Monster in You…

Avishek Sahu
September 4, 2017

Writing so well, I thought I had it all cut out
To go on some far, thinking not about being put out
Till I realized a part of me was looking for some succour
Not from money in the wallet, not from a date with a hooker
You seemed so calm, talking about the worldly stuff
Not one to small talk, not one to leave off in a huff… Read the rest

The Punt is in the Wait for the Flow to hit Prime Time

Avishek Sahu
September 2, 2017

Never been enough to spend the days in such slumber
Wondering how it’ll be to wait for the next number
Calculated at last to do justice to the long drive
Made not on a hunch but for some Queen Bee reprieve
But ain’t I the one that ran away from duties
Tossing it all away with the money and the cuties… Read the rest

Is it my Dad or is it Me?!

Avishek Sahu
July 25, 2017

Have seen pictures of my childhood, never figured out what made me so happy
Looked for luxury in the background, found only my smile grown up from a nappy
There must have been an aura, or the wisdom you learnt in big schools
Or there must have been the wisdom that you brought when your Dad brooked no fools
Whatever it was, it isn’t easy living with that burden of … Read the rest

Mothers’ World

Avishek Sahu
May 14, 2017

In a world where it’s tough being alone
A mother comes along to let the truth be known
That in a solitude of a bird looking for a prey
Is a tale of two mothers sitting apart hoping for light of the day
Kept hostage by the tales of the night
When the owl shudders in spite of its vicious might… Read the rest

Playing Left With The Rock Band

Avishek Sahu
March 21, 2017

The schmooze in the booze wouldn’t keep up the downtime
When the rhyme gets the dime in the wink of a weed-mime
Nixed early in the soil to get you early to the center
Where you’ve been wanting so loud to fart when you enter
Your trip to the hills brought a tickle right down there
Thinking of you pushing with a glee of a stripped hare… Read the rest


Avishek Sahu
February 25, 2017

Most people when working in an organisation face this psychological situation where they think they are being underpaid, or that they are worth more. This is how it should be, because a platform is designed so you can perform on it, not sit back and sulk. At these times it is important to realize that you are not really being underpaid, that the organisation life-cycle at most times will not … Read the rest

The Biggie’s Last Cry

Avishek Sahu
January 27, 2017

Griping at your peers with the fruits of the wayward
Ticking up for creeps to the mutes in the bee herd
That might all fall away with the sprays of the vulpine
If not with the end of the plants that grow leeward

Freaking out of fear of the goons dunking playtime
Chucking out the nous that comes free with the showtime
Play the part of the fool that goes … Read the rest

The Rough Shards of My Psychic Pentimento

Avishek Sahu
November 28, 2016

Fantasy is my forte, with the brush that makes up my dread
Isn’t it what settles, when I have to walk a thousand miles for a morsel of bread
What good is sex then, if to get it I really have to lay bare my soul
And tell you out loud, that yeah, I have asked for it, only to be told to go bowl
At the games of her … Read the rest

Price Tag on The Bushwhack

Avishek Sahu
November 19, 2016

Swirling your long locks to whiff me through the bad deal
That I had to be signing on to see me pinching her zeal
That you’ve been up gazing down to plot me through the mishaps
With the pawns of your madness feeding me their sweet schnapps
The smile that you once flashed at me, I knew you were some big shot
With the bosses oh so humdrum falling all … Read the rest

Burn a 100-dollar Bill

Avishek Sahu
October 21, 2016

Creeping up to freedom, from the bitterness of blight
When the gossip of the gonners, had me scrambling up for light
To shine upon the greyhounds so silly from the fear
You want a leash around the muzzle to strangle up their rear
Ain’t going to the movies, a struggle of a kind
When the heinous tits of treason, want you in a bind
How then do you profess, that … Read the rest

Why I Support Trump!

Avishek Sahu
October 12, 2016

I drive a Ford. It’s a small Ford Figo car, that Ford started as its version to take on the entry-level segment here in India. It looks ordinary, so much so that relatives have known to reject buying that model because it looked ‘too ordinary!’. But it drives like a beast: I have done more heavy duty driving in it in the last five years than I am sure many … Read the rest

Walk in the Gimp Land to cease being a Paradox

Avishek Sahu
October 9, 2016

Groaned to the licking of the sweet tongue in season
Tried to go picking off the new buds of treason
It ain’t going to flower with the shitheads in breeding
Nor will it glower at the ones I go needing
So wild though it screams at the blind men in city
Asking for the dime that I have begun to just pity… Read the rest

No Saints!

Avishek Sahu
September 5, 2016

Gandhi fights away for freedom, but he was ‘imperfect’; St.Teresa spends her life helping lepers but she had an ‘agenda’; Mandella bought good-sense but he had ‘issues’: this does not mean that people are bad or ungrateful, this just means that people can’t handle charity, and they can’t handle a favor done to them especially when it puts them to shame. That’s why I’d like to take away any scope Read the rest

Going Bonkers Within Four Squares

Avishek Sahu
September 2, 2016

Fry me some eggs with some pepper grown in Mideast
Heating up at seams from the locals chasing wild feast
Of them goats and the camels grown to yeah out the blah blah
And the birds in the bush that if just two would be hoopla
Eating up the cant like it ain’t dispensed from the punies
Beating up the plant of the Don and the moonies
Hoping for a … Read the rest

Red Hot Yen

Avishek Sahu
August 25, 2016

Pissed on the floor, dissed on the boar,
had him up for grabs when the wind came to roar
Cursed to the air, for goodies in the fair,
stolen from the grannie that you can’t seem to bear
Took her to Rome, fed her some gnome,
groaned her some tickle while she bought you back home
Then came the mart, built by the tart,
dispensing all the lollies while you … Read the rest

Throw Me A Grunt That Nips the Thought in The Fright Night

Avishek Sahu
August 16, 2016

Trick of the fast made to truck through to heaven
Made of prunes so ripe and the mavens so craven
Over the fields of grey and the meadows that beaver
With their hands on the bun and the Firefox lever
Hunch me the punch that took its time to land near
Throwing me awry and running off in fourth gear… Read the rest

A Hooker for a President

Avishek Sahu
July 28, 2016

Guns in the navel singing sweet songs of sixteen
Brazen to the point of being ringers in their late teen
Shoes in the booze smelling a bit like the nixer
Stay off my paedo husband if you can’t fell the fixer

Well offer old lady is the coffer that you made slow
With your hubby chasing floozies hoping hard for a stink flow… Read the rest

When I Forgot the Day that Passed along with the Bitch that Fucked it!

Avishek Sahu
July 2, 2016

Woke up late feeling messy as the daybreak
To the bell that sounds hoping for the jailbreak
That had to be coming to keep the poor man singing
And the eunuch in the shanty to have me running
For a catch in the park and a latch in the pantry
Built to cook us the cakes and the babies of the gentry… Read the rest

Teasing A Teardrop On Its Journey to War

Avishek Sahu
June 7, 2016

Weary of scumbags you sought out my humour
Hoping to strike through the shards of dull pain
Pestering you silly with its wink at true boredom
When the aching for glory has you full of disdain
Wouldn’t be no glory if you have to go swindle
And fob on the classy on a hick so beguiled
And prune your dark feathers colored in hubris
Waiting for me to can’t stand … Read the rest

Fucked up Coconut

Avishek Sahu
May 31, 2016

Groped in the air of the muck filled premises
Pruned in the water of the duck that promises
Of the charms of the ass to be had for her possession
And the buck of the temple that they stole out of obsession
With the hole in the head that just had to give away
From the pressure of the times when the dimes were a throw away… Read the rest