About Me


Hi I am Avishek Sahu,

It’s been long that I have actually noticed what makes progress in the lives of people and corporations sustainable. As a result, I have come to appreciate alternate politics and socio-economic initiatives. The content of this website originates from that point of view and may or may not point to any specific agenda.

I was born in Rourkela, Orissa, India; grew up in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India; and live here with my wife Anita, and dog, Diesel. I also have my parents around to drive home some caution that I have often thrown to the winds! Growing up, I pursued Tennis seriously and toured many cities in India playing national and international level tournaments. I also spent three eventful years(Grades VIIth, IXth, and Xth) at TI Cycles Royappa Tennis Academy in Chennai , where I trained under Mr. Jai Kumar Royappa, an ex-Davis Cup player from India. Post High School, I took up academics more seriously and after graduation with Physics(Hons) from BJB College Bhubaneswar(Utkal University), went on to pursue PGDM(Variant of MBA in India) from SPJIMR Mumbai, a premier BSchool in India.

Currently, I work as an instructor specializing in training for the GMAT, CAT(MBA Entrance in India), and CLAT(Law Entrance in India), with CL Educate Ltd., a premier national player in the education space.


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